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Portraits in Color: Hosted by Dr. Frank Mirabal

A unique look at race in America through the stories of artists, entrepreneurs, educators and cultural critics. The series takes a provocative look at what it’s really like to survive and thrive in a society that has been built without people of color in mind. Dr. Frank Mirabal’s experience as an artist, academic, political appointee, and cultural critic brings a unique aesthetic to the conversation. He has been a featured contributor to Governing Magazine, Ed Weekly, Hechinger Report and the Living Cities blog. A highly-sought speaker and panelist for the work he has done in the areas of race, culture, education, entrepreneurship and the arts, has led to speaking engagements at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, the Obama Foundation Summit, and the GEO Funders Conference.

Featured Episode

Carlos “El Cantador” Medina

Meow Wolf Mariachi: Carlos Medina

Carlos Medina’s unique cultural voice has led to comparisons to legendary musical storytellers like Tom Waits.  A unique, boundary spanning entertainer, Carlos captures the essence of northern New Mexican culture through traditional mariachi music and a brand of comedy that reflects the spirit of the Rio Grande and the El Camino Real.