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The Story of Downtown

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Downtown Albuquerque. Along historic Route 66 lies a community at the intersection of what once was, and what could be. Like most places, it has seen its ups and downs. A once in a generation pandemic, a struggling economy, and issues of crime and homelessness are issues downtown residents grapple with every day. Many businesses have boarded up, opting for more economically viable and safer parts of the city. But, I spoke to 5 area business owners who embody the fighting spirit of the city and are committed to making downtown a thriving area of town once again.

Special Thanks to Lola Bird and Danielle Schlobohm from Downtown ABQ Mainstreet for supporting this episode!

Featured Businesses/Organizations

The Brew
Fusion Theatre Company
Sanitary Tortilla Factory 
Cecilia’s Cafe

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The Story of Downtown

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