Portraits in Color

The Reciprocity Project

What would schools look like if we put students and the communities they live in at the center of the decision-making process?

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What would schooling look like if the school had a symbiotic relationship with the community? What would student engagement look like if we actually asked the students themselves how they wanted to be involved in their school and school community? These are some of the big questions guiding The Reciprocity Project, which is a pilot project of Future Focused Education in Albuquerque, NM.

In the wake of high-stakes testing, The Reciprocity Project seeks to engage voices outside of the education sector to reimagine what education should look like. This new vision pushes schooling outside of the traditional accountability framework where teaching to the test and school report cards became the norm.

Tony Monfiletto, Moneka Stevens and Kateri Zuni from Future Focused Education discuss issues of institutional racism, new measures of student accountability and much more in this episode. 

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