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The Founder’s Mind with Adam Mutschler and Dr. Frank

Anyone that has ever started a business will tell you that it’s an emotional roller coaster. Invariably, you will ask yourself if you have what it takes to run a successful business and will question whether or not your product or service is viable. In this episode, Charles invited Adam Mutschler and Dr. Frank to have a candid conversation about starting a business, the importance of “curiosity” in entrepreneurship, the value of engaging coaches/mentors, and the grind that it takes to push through the challenges founders face.

Adam Mutschler is a Partner in The Kedar Group, a coaching firm that supports leaders in the private, nonprofit, and governmental sectors. He also hosts the podcast The Founders Mind that explores all of the dimensions of starting a business with startup founders and field experts. In the true entrepreneurial spirt, Adam recently launched a new podcast Socially Distanced that gives you an intimate, behind the scenes look at what we are facing in the midst of a global pandemic.

Dr. Frank Mirabal is the founder of Mad Scientist Media, a storytelling company that educates, uplifts, and inspires through the lived experiences of people. He currently teaches courses on civic and community engagement as an adjunct professor at the University of New Mexico and has previously served two terms as a political appointee in the Mayor’s Office for the City of Albuquerque.



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