The Fight for Economic Justice

According to the Urban Institute, the median wealth for a White family is $171,000. For a Black family, it’s $17,000. That’s a ten-fold difference in median wealth. As we know, home ownership is a key driver to building wealth. It’s part of the American dream. Recent data suggests that White families are almost 25% more likely to own a home than Black and Hispanic families.Economic Inequality is a really broad topic with a number historical factors, including colonization, slavery, redlining and tax policy. This episode focuses on two primary drivers of wealth: homeownership and entrepreneurship. 

Dr. Frank catches up with Carlos Contreras from HomewiseAlex Horton from International District Economic Development, and Queneesha Myers from Q’s Cakes and Sweets Boutique to talk discuss these important issues and how each of them is building a path towards economic justice. 

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