The Beautiful Mind with Erica Davis Crump

In this episode, Erica Davis Crump sheds light on mental health awareness and the stigma around mental health that exists in the African American community. When Erica experienced issues of anxiety and depression as a child and young adult, these issues were often dismissed and even ignored by family members. She has dedicated her life to destigmatizing mental health by raising awareness, offering support, and sharing resources for those in need.

For the past seven years, she has provided training on Healthy Relationships, Mental Health Awareness, and Suicide Prevention in every county in New Mexico, to over 40,000 students and guardians. Sheís a two time TED speaker, was recently featured in Forbes, and is an Emerge NM Alumni.

Charles and Dr. Frank also catch-up on all things Thanksgiving, LeBronís infamous walk across half court, the upcoming legacy tours of 2020, and Harlem Capitalís VC fund opening at $40 million.  

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