Portraits in Color

Stop the Asian Hate

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The recent mass shooting in Atlanta remind us of the deep divides that exist in our country. Naturally, given what we know about the case, we have to ask the question: “were the shootings racially motivated.” Dr. Frank explores this question and gives insight to why we can’t ignore the history of racism against Asian Americans in this country, the hateful speech that flowed as a result of the coronavirus, and the racist tropes of Asian women in particular.

This episode also sheds light on the inhumane treatment of children in detention facilities along the border as a result of failed U.S. immigration policy. Dr. Frank makes the case for comprehensive immigration reform and holds policy makers on both sides of the aisle to account for our nation’s failed immigration policy.

BONUS: At the end of this podcast, Dr. Frank shares an unreleased music track titled “The Border,” which was written, produced, and performed by Frank “Kiko” Mirabal.

The Border Credits:
Written, produced and performed by Frank “Kiko” Mirabal
Drums, Keyboards, Bass & Vocals: Frank “Kiko” Mirabal
Additional Vocals: Jak Bailey
Guitar Solo: Exavier “Mr. Ex” Viramontez
Spoken Word: Analisse Mirabal

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Decolonizing Wealth with Edgar Villanueva

It’s the inconvenient truth. Wealth in the United States has been accumulated through the ownership and exploitation of Black and Indigenous bodies and the outright theft of land. We are in the midst of a national reckoning with this past. A past that has celebrated oppressors by highlighting nobility, honor, and perseverance in statuesque form, while minimizing and even ignoring the unspeakable acts of violence committed at the hands of these “celebrated” individuals.

Edgar Villanueva, author, activist, philanthropist, and change agent examines this past and offers a path forward in his book Decolonizing Wealth: Indigenous Wisdom to Heal Divides and Restore Balance. In this episode, Dr. Frank and Edgar discuss the history of colonization and how it has impacted concentrated wealth in this country, the extension of colonization practices in philanthropy, Edgar’s launch of the Decolonize Wealth Project and Fund, and how we can use “money as medicine” to heal divides in communities of color.


I’m Fed Up! Black Lives Matter, Silent Protests, and the Work Ahead for Racial Justice

Some would say that the last two weeks have awakened the masses to the injustices Black Americans have been facing for centuries. The peaceful protests combined with the anger, rage, and frustration of the Black community is sparking a civil and human rights revolution unlike anything we have seen in recent decades.

While the Black Lives Matter movement has grown internationally, decisions on policing, prosecution, and sentencing happen at the local level. Communities have the power to shape the narrative when it comes to racial justice through local activism and intentional actionism.

Charles Ashley III, an Albuquerque-based entrepreneur and host of the podcast Ashy to Ashley, joins the show to talk about Black Lives Matter, the responsibility of community leaders to stand-up and demand change, silent protests that he and fellow business leader Michael Silva are organizing throughout Albuquerque, and the ongoing work ahead to ensure that the Black community is seen, heard, and most importantly, respected.