Portraits in Color

Finding Family Trees

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In May of 2018, Tess took a DNA test and submitted it to Ancestry. A sealed adoption at birth left her with no details of her birth parents. However, submitting her DNA test was more about learning her ethnicity than finding new family members.

Lacey submitted her DNA to Ancestry in 2015 at the urging of her sister Amy, who is the family historian. Unlike Tess, she was not adopted and wanted to learn more about her family history.

Little did they know their worlds would collide. Their DNA results would reveal deeply buried family secrets, unexpected branches to their family trees, and would provide answers that they were not necessarily seeking. Follow all of the interesting twists and turns of their story on the latest episode of Portraits in Color.

If you would like assistance in finding family members through DNA, Amy McKane is here to help. Please contact her at Your Family History Mystery on Facebook. 

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