All Chola with Michelle Sena

All Chola kind of happened by accident. “I would have conversations with my friends about chola sayings that we thought were funny, says Michelle Sena, founder of the All Chola lifestyle brand. “I never thought it would actually turn into a business.”

All Chola embodies a strong Chicano/Chicana cultural aesthetic. From the low riders, the fashion, and the music, Michelle Sena introduces the long legacy of the culture, which is rooted in the Pachuco culture of the 40’s and 50’s, through her fashion brand.  

In this episode, we discuss the 150 different meanings behind the word “orale,” talk about the All Chola brand and it’s growing reach, share stories about “the hustle,” and talk about our beloved neighborhood, “The Brick.” 

This episode was produced in partnership with ABQ Artwalk and The Ruppe.