Portraits in Color

Dr. Frank Mirabal

A unique look at race in America through the stories of artists, entrepreneurs, educators and otherwise really cool people! The series takes a provocative look at what it’s really like to survive and thrive in a society that has been built without people of color in mind. Hosted by Dr. Frank Mirabal, a musician, storyteller, public servant, and 12th generation New Mexican.

Featured Episodes

Psychadelic State: Jak Bailey

In Episode 7, we preview the new album Psychadelic State by Jak Bailey, discuss that time Rick James gave him a “noogie”, and explore the 20 year history of the group Soul Divine.  Jak Bailey is a singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist with major label album credits and shared stage experience with James Brown, Buddy Miles, Lakeside, and the Dazz Band.

The Latino Vote

In Episode 6, Dr. Gabe Sanchez shares his insights on the Latino vote, immigration, and health care policy as a key driver to the 2020 presidential election.  Dr. Sanchez is a Professor of Political Science at the University of New Mexico and also serves as the Executive Director of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Center for Health Policy and Co-Director of the Institute of Policy, Evaluation and Applied Research (IPEAR) at the University of New Mexico. Sanchez was formerly the Director of Research, and now principal at Latino Decisions, the nation’s leading survey firm focused on the Latino electorate.