One More Silver Dollar: Marc Quiñones

At age 9, Marc Qui?ones was introduced by a family friend to salsa legend Tito Puente. Along with long-time collaborator Bobby Allende, Marc was seen as somewhat of a child prodigy in New York salsa circles. Qui?ones comes from an impressive lineage of musicians, including father Tony, late uncle Rafael, and younger brother Camilo. The musical roots run deep. Qui?ones and Allende would go on to play several high-profile dates with Puente, including Carnegie Hall before they were even old enough to drive. You might ask, where does one go from there, when you have had the proverbial “mic drop” opportunity of a lifetime to play with a music icon.

While playing with contemporary jazz group Spyro Gyra, Qui?ones would have a chance meeting that would change his career trajectory for decades to come. It turns out that Butch Trucks, the legendary drummer of the Allman Brothers Band was a big Spyro Gyra fan. While attending a Spyro Gyra show, Trucks was intrigued by Qui?ones’ playing and went backstage to meet him. The two immediately hit it off. Later that year, Marc was invited to record on a new Allman Brothers record. He would go on to tour and record with the band until 2014 and would also support Gregg Allman‘s solo work until his death in 2017. 

Currently, Marc Qui?ones plays with his own salsa group 8 y Mas with his production partner Bobby Allende. Later this year, you can catch him touring with Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame group The Doobie Brothers and see him featured in work with arranger, producer Tony Succar

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